Games Studio

United Remote Studio offers a great selection of old school style games & new innovative slot machines.

We are constantly adding new games through our studio and plan to implement some great bonus round features as we move forward into 2021.

Golden Fruits

Play a classic game with a fruity spin on this exciting slot. Try to match the following symbols: Seven, Melon, Bell, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon and Cherry in this old school style slot game.

– RTP is 96.2%
 – Max payout depends on current stake. 
 – Highest win paid per win combination.

lucky unicorn

Spin the reels with the national of animal Scotland as you try to hit the scatter symbols to win 15 free games and a 3x multiplyer! The following symbols are available: Unicorn (wild), coin, shamrock, ladybug, marble, pot, horseshoe, a,k,q,j,10 and 9.

– Max win depends on the current stake
– RTP is 95.81%

hot wheels

Put on the sunscreen, buy some ice for the cocktails and get ready to feel the heat when you play Hot Wheels. This classic style slot machine will be as nostalgic as a summer holiday as you try to line up the following symbols: Seven, Melon, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Star and Bell.

– RTP is 95.15%

New Crazy Seven

Don’t go too crazy when you play this Classic slot machine with recognizable symbols such as Seven, Melon, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon and Cherry.

– Max win depends on current stake

– RTP is 94.48%

glamour gems

This beautiful slot game allows you to match up all the most precious and glamours gems. Don’t miss out on the wild symbols and the scatter symbols, which allow for more ways to match up the gems. The following symbols are available: Diamond, Topas, Rubin, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Ring (scattered) and Cup (wild).

– Max win depends on current stake

– RTP is 95.08%

Rise Of Napoleon

Be a part of history in the French revolution and play to match up symbols during Napoleons rise. The following Symbols are available: Napoleon (Wild), Drum, Emblem (scattered), Soldier, Empresse, cannon, crown, a, k, q, j and 10.

– RTP is 95.81%

Last Samurai

Draw your blade, channel your inner warrior and get ready to slice the reels down the middle in this slot game. Make sure you use your Samurai senses to keep an eye out for the mystery bonsai tree. The following symbols are available: Samurai (wild), Lion (scattered), Bonsai (mystery), Geisha, Shogun, Katana, Flag, A, K, Q , J and 10.

RTP is 95.99%